Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying Happy New year is not so fun................

My Dear Nidup,
I thought I would write on your facebook wall to wish you Happy New Year. But i thought it was no use writing on the wall since a wall is not something that connects.  So I thought I can privately note in my blog, the space which I actually just reserved for you.

Exactly 2 hours and 32 minutes ago we did a count down. People started hugging each other and in the frenzy I got hugged also. It reminded me of the warmest of the hugs that I received in my life so far. Those hugs were from you. It reminded me your soft breath through my ears.

And yes this is the 4th year running that we have been in partnership and I learnt to appreciate some small things that means so much. Some big things that need to be left alone. I know I am an impatient brat, who loses cool so often. But whenever I think  of you, there is a sense of gratefulness in my heart that I was in fact fortunate. 

You came into my life and added one very big dimension. You added some sort of sense in why I have to live. You came in and guided how I live. That life was more fun and times flew away.
In my sincere memories our stay together was merely a snap of a finger. I didn't realize, our departure will come so soon. But It came with bang and brought a severe pain. As you may agree this is a part and parcel of life. We got to move on.

In the busy days of our life we didn't realize that the gap was slowly closing on us. There were high days and low days. On high days, we laughed until we hurt our tummy's. On low days, we would fight over a small matter and keep serious as if it was a law.

However it was like Tom and Jerry show. We fought, we loved, we laughed and we cried. In the end we still stuck together, as if there is only two people alive on earth. 

Today is new year and its festive all around but not really for me. Heart is where home is and happiness is where love is. Since my love is not around, I had no happiness.

Past one year had been the best part of my life so far. I didn't know my clothes had dirt. I didn't realize foods tasted bad. I never missed my breakfast and put on some weight despite being veg. Its because you literally fed me up. All in all i didn't walk alone.

You don't say things every time. You believe in "actions speak louder than words". You went out of your way to get me my winter jacket. Not just one, you let me have two. You silently tug in the photo frame, which is so priceless when I am alone in my room in Shimla.
Life cannot be better than this. Lets hope and pray and invest belief in our marriage. We can have wonderful years ahead. May the year bring in lots of pleasant surprises and happiness to you. Hats off to you, my darling! Loads of love and kisses from Shimla. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Sincerely Your Hubby!

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  1. My Dear, I have done some small things to you all because i love u so much....its my pleasure too. I will serve you with those things through out of my life..when u r alone alys think abt me i am alys by ur side...HAPPY NEW YEAR U TOO DEAR.....nice written...enjoyed reading