Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines day is not so fun either........

As the clock ticked closer to 12 mid-night we were battling with struggling skype due to poor internet connection. It is 13th february and you may well guess why?. It is this years valentines eve and I am again away from you, my love. It is awful being away but life is like that. But more awful when internet puts the bar on your only good way of sharing love.

This is the 5th valentines day since we met and our 3rd away. Going by numbers it was too harsh. But in life to get one thing we need to fore go one another and its just an unintentional collateral damage although it is very hard.

Looking back I reminisce our first V-day. It was the most memorable for reasons nice and naughty. Whether it is valentines day or not our love had been as intense as ever. We lived in that child-like world even after more than 5 years. That is really a great reason to take stock of . Everyday was a valentines day, until now except for few misunderstandings as in any other relations. Our thoughts, emotions and feelings largely converge. Its a great sign.

Having so consoled myself yet I wish I could be by your side. I wish I open the gift that i have for you, I wish i could spread my arms to hug you. I wish I could kiss your forehead to say how much I love you.    

But if wishes were horses beggars like me would ride, therefore wishes remained wishes for the greater good of general scheme of things. 
Small it may be but I feel like giving you one. It was never impossible to do something that you would love to do. So, I said your small gift might reach you a bit late but it is on the way at the moment.
Although video chat was erratically worst, we managed to text chat. I wrote how desperately we would like to be by her side. She wrote how badly she missed me. I said how pissed off i am with the internet. 
I wrote "Happy valentines day" and " be my valentine for ever" and she said " yes I am yours". But folks; its no fun celebrating valentines on a virtual platform with reality being 1000's of miles away. But as always medicine might taste awful, everything happens for good. 

Happy Valentines Day!. There are no wrong days to celebrate love! Make everyday your valentines day! Enjoy it while it lasts!

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