Sunday, May 4, 2014

A letter on your day!

Dear wifey,
I still remember how I climbed to your hostel, despite tired legs just to celebrate your birthday. That was in 2010. We were still in college together then. Call it clandestine juvenile affairs of sorts. It was your first birthday with me.

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Since then years have passed and twice we celebrated together and this time around I am still missing. I would love to be in person to hug you tight. Say “How much you mean to me” with a whisper in your ears but it was never meant to be. I hope next time around I should make it.

I know and I am always grateful to have you in my life. I am more than happy. I can safely claim without inhibition, I am a grossly satisfied married man. And you are the reason for it.

This is a special day for you and because I love you, it is for me as well. But unfortunate that I am not around to cut that cake and light that butter lamp for you. My good wishes and prayers are always there for you by the way. Because I am away, my prayers are even more sincere and wishes more fervent.

It is hard even for me but sometimes these events are out of control. It is basically because life consists of bargains and tradeoffs. I believe this is one of them. I was also counting the days since my departure from you and at least about four long months have gone. So, it brings me closer to meeting you again.

It is your birthday; I wish I could take you to the market and ask you to choose a gift of your taste. I could also hide it and make you search all over the place. We could have a lot of fun. But again none of these can be done. I am guilty as charged. I take responsibility for my absence.

Never the less, I should let you know that your birthday was on my mind in December. I don’t know whether you may like it or not. It was a gesture on my part to say that you are there on my mind. It gives an immense sense of satisfaction when I can do something for you. That day when I bought it I was happy. 

Now go to our old bedroom and open the middle drawer of the small wardrobe. Inside that laptop bag you will find something. This is my birthday gift for you. If you smile while seeing it I am happy.

I know nothing can compensate my absence and I may sound too bullish but I am serious. To make amends I had to arrange so that you can have it on the eve. If you like what I sent, it is reason enough to be happy for me.

I know I can write a lot more words in your name but you taught me that few concrete actions are way better than many words; therefore I am now learning to cut down on my hollow words. Actually I started believing in that. If it was good it was you, if not I take the blame.
I am confident that by now you know that I would want you to be happy and healthy always, so Happy Birthday!!!I sign off with lots of love and kisses.

Your Husband

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